How to submit my Ohio Step project?

How to submit my Ohio Step project?

Step 1. Create a ProjectBoard Student Account. Make sure your account is a student account. If you are not sure, you can send a request to our support team at

Step 2. Proceed to "My Projects" page, if you just created your account, you will be directed to the page automatically

Step 3. You will be prompted to the project selection page, hover over the Ohio Step project submission and click "CHOOSE". Once the submission project opens, remember to change your title and description and click “SAVE”.

**If you are working in a team, ONE member of the team will select and start a submission project.  Next, they will add their team members.
See this article for instructions on adding team members to your project. How can I add a team member to my project?

Once your team members are added and the project is saved, the project is shared with your team members.  Each team member can find the shared project under their “My Projects” tab at the top of the screen.

Go to the “Getting Started” tile to view a short video illustrating the submission process.

Step 4:  Uploading Required Documents

You will need to upload all of the required documents under each section by doing the following:
  1. Select the appropriate tile.
  2. Select “Edit Section”
  3. Select a plus symbol
  4. Upload your document
  5. Press “Save”
  6. Repeat until you have all of your required documents uploaded under the appropriate tiles.
Required Documents Checklist:
Getting Started Tile:
  1.  OAS Consent and Release form
Summary and Pitch Video Tile:
**If you chose to complete the summary and pitch version of an Ohio STEP project include the following under this tile:
  1. Written summary
  2. Pitch video
Full Plan and Extended Pitch Tile:
**If you chose to complete the full plan and extended pitch version of an Ohio STEP project include the following under this tile:
  1. Full written plan
  2. Extended Pitch video

**DO NOT upload documents, forms, or videos into the “Comments” bar at the bottom of  any of the sections**

Step 5:  Required Forms and Payments

For your project to be submitted, there are a few things you (and everyone on your project team) need to complete:  update your required forms and payments (found on the right hand side of the submission template)

**Each member of a team project will need to access this submission project (go to the “My Projects” tab at the top of the screen to open the shared project) to input their payment and required forms information.**  (See the screenshot below)

Required Forms: Under “Required Forms”, after clicking “Update Forms”, you will need to enter the required information.  (See the screenshots below)

After completing the required forms, your name will appear with a green check mark.

Note: If you have teammates added to your project and they didn't submit the form you WILL NOT be able to submit the project. So make sure your teammates log in to ProjectBoard and fill the required forms on the project. 


Payments: Under “Payments”, after clicking "Pay Now" you will choose a payment method: 
  1. Online Payments 
  2. Pay by check 
  3. Covered by grant 
By clicking "click here" on the method you chose will open a new tab. After the payment is completed, you can confirm it by clicking "Paid by Credit Card" or "Paid By check" depending on the method you chose. In case your district is covered, simply click "I'm Covered".

- Just like the required forms, the payment must be updated for all teammates so that the project can be submitted 
- You can also update the payment anytime before project submission

At this point, after you and your teammates are done with the payment and form updates the submit button will be activated, but in case you didn't change your project cover image, a message will show up after clicking "SUBMIT PROJECT"

Step 6. Edit your project image cover. After you update your image, select "SUBMIT PROJECT" again. A confirmation modal will appear, in case you are CERTAIN, hit submit, you will see the submission status modal right after, click "Ok"

**If you are part of a team, ANY team member can submit the project.

Done! Your project has been submitted for competition!

You can see the submitted view of your project by clicking "See Submission". The submitted project is a “read only” snapshot that cannot be edited.

 On the submitted version, you can click “See Original” to go back to your original project.  The original submission project can be edited and can be found under the “My Projects” tab.